Upcoming Gigs

Here's where i'm playing: 

05/13: Club Deluxe with Hard Bop Quintet 8-11

05/14: Club Deluxe with Smith Dobson Quartet

05/18: Scopo Divino with Paul Mehling

05/19: Mr. Tipples with the Adam Shulman Nonet 6:30-10:30

05/20: Artichoke Pizza 8-11

05/22: Sound Room with Adam Shulman Nonet 8:00

05/25: Liberties Bar with Patrick Wolff

05/26: Mr. Tipples with Patrick Wolff Quintet 6:30-10:30

05/27: Bird and Beckett with Tony Johnson Quartet 7:30-10

05/28: Club Deluxe 3-6 with Scott Larson

05/28: Osteria Divino in Sausalito 7-10

06/02: Mr. Tipples with Eric Wyatt

06/04: Mr. Tipples  with Jeffrey Burr and Smith Dobson

06/10: Club Deluxe with the Hard Bop Quintet 8-11

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